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Well prepared for “skirt day” with Sun with Sense “Self Bronzing”!

Self-tanning cream for the whole body and face!

– Sun with Sense –

  • Provides a beautiful brown color 4 hours after application.
  • For body and face.
  • With UV filter (in vitro factor 4)

Beautifully tanned legs with the Self Bronzing from Medex, the first day you can go outside with bare legs; also called skirt day .

Without damaging your skin by going under the tanning bed too often and a beautiful tanned skin, you do that best with the Self Bronzing from Medex.

With filter for UV-B, comparable to factor 4.
This filter blocks UV-B radiation. UV-B causes, among other things, the skin to burn and become red as a result. This UV-B filter counteracts these phenomena.

Tip: For the best results with Sun with Sense Self Bronzing, first scrub the face and body well with, for example, the Body Peeling Strong from Medex, then mix the Self Bronzing in your hands with a Body Milk or, for example, the Medex Hand & Body Cream. This makes it even easier to distribute the Self Bronzing over the skin.

Spread SELF BRONZING carefully and evenly over the skin for optimal results, avoiding hairline and eyebrows. Wash your hands well after use. For a darker result, we recommend using SELF BRONZING for three consecutive days. After that, applying once a week is enough to maintain the color.


Self-tanning cream - Sun with Sense - Provides a beautiful tan 4 hours after application (1) . For body and face. With UV filter (in vitro factor 4)(2).
Ingrid Bernsen

Ingrid Bernsen

Executive secretary | Beauty therapist

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