Medex Professional

With “Medex Professional” you have a real solution for your skin; absolutely the very best cosmetics in the market. This certainty gives an advantage over your environment that should not be underestimated.

But there is more than just the effectiveness of the products; In all aspects of the line, Medex ensures that you are always ahead of the curve.

The design of the packaging has artistically deviated from the usual: a wonderful mix of beauty and toughness, which accentuates the luxury and strength of the product. The color cobalt has a similar double function: in addition to the fact that the cobalt color already has something special in itself, this color of the glass guarantees the quality of the content. The packaging is therefore a balanced combination of aesthetics, ecology and functionality.

“Medex Professional” has many creams, sometimes with the same indication. Confusing? On the contrary, this is an advantage for you. Because the engagement mechanisms are always different, you as a customer can get real customization. The wide range ensures that you can always choose a product that responds best to you and has the optimum result.

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Cream Desensible - 50ml.

The ideal cream for red and sensitive skin. The Cream Desensible is light green in color, which softens any red color of the affected skin, such as with Couperose.

Gel the Liposome – 50ml.

Gel de Liposome owes its name to the different liposomes that have been used to deliver the various active ingredients into the skin. It has many effects: it consists of moisture-restoring ingredients, such as natural honey, but also the very powerful Royal Jelly and Centella Asiatica.

Lait Hydermios - 120ml.

Lait Hydermios is a hydrophilic lait, so can also be used with some water. Ideal for those clients who actually prefer water over a lait.