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The natural combination for your success:

• lactic acid
• citric acid
• tartaric acid

a-HYCID® Gel
Reduction of cohesion between the horny cells.
Acceleration of the skin’s natural renewal process.
Improvement of the elastic and plastic properties of the stratum corneum.
To be used in hyperkeratinization, acne (acne scars), aging skin,
age spots and hyperpigmentation.


In addition to your (good) daily skin care, you want a “punch” therapy that significantly improves your skin in the short term, but you do not want Mesotherapy or cosmetic surgery (yet) then Medex “Serum Cure Repair – Serums” is a solution.

Medex “Serum Repair – Serums”, which you can use as a therapy for a few weeks or… use it permanently as a constant stimulus for the fibroblasts to maintain or get a strong skin. You can simply apply your usual creams.

The composition means that the active ingredients have such a strong effect and penetration that it is also recommended for the skin of men and dark skin.


The Purus Method by Medex for impure skin and acne prone skin is a powerful total concept, which has been a leader in the beauty salon for 40 years. Through intensive skin care, where for all aspects of acne skin an appropriate cosmeceutical product from the Purus line de available, clearly noticeable results are achieved. The products of the Purus Method have been developed by the Medex Bio Science Cosmetics Laboratories. This method is gentle and natural. It is based on purification; the skin thus remains intact. Acne is a complex skin problem characterized by blackheads, pimples and/or oily, impure skin, which almost everyone encounters for a short period of time in their youth. When acne turns out to be a long-term problem, professional help is inevitable. The well-trained beautician traditionally plays a crucial role in this. The Medex Purus Method is performed exclusively by specially trained Medex skin specialists, who can draw up an individually tailored programme for the necessary further home care.


Une affaire d’amour avec mes cosmétiques

Cosmetics technology cellular fluid, anti-ageing and SPF 15

From a permanently beautiful, young skin to an old age!
The combination of Medex Serums and Medex Cellular Fluids is so powerful and effective, that if you follow the tips, you can be sure that your skin will stay beautiful and young, and you won’t need Botox, fillers or other cosmetic medicine later on.


Softly is for extra sensitive skin. In fact, every skin that ages a little needs a soft, beautiful, full cream. Medex has become a specialist in this field through its experience with Quintenstein. And now this experience is being extended for truly hypersensitive skin with “Softly”. As we age, the skin becomes thinner and thus more sensitive to various factors that the skin used to be able to cope with, such as UV radiation from sunlight, dehydration from central heating and strong winds, resulting in reactions to the most ordinary care products such as shampoo, soap and the creams that you used to use. That is why there is “Softly” for you – the softest of the softest.


The sun is the primal source of all life. Each time, we are invited to enjoy the benefits and warmth of the sun. MEDEX Sun with Sense offers a suitable sunscreen for every sun situation and skin type so that you can spend time in the sun without worrying.

No skin is the same: Some people never burn, for them summer is a time to enjoy the benefits of the sun without worries. For others, summer is a tricky time as every ray of sunshine can be too much for their skin, causing it to sore and red. But for everyone, especially those who do not burn easily, the danger of long-term skin damage lurks. Proper protection is therefore important for everyone, especially children.


Xenymphus has broken the tradition that mud baths, algae wraps and other spa products, while good for the skin and condition, are very ‘basic’.

Xenymphus is extremely effective and above all, great attention has been paid to: well-being, luxury and fragrance. The scent is obtained, for example, from essential oils of plants. That is why a XENYMPHUS cure is not only good, but also delicious and beneficial, so that you can “go at it again” like a new person. For example, the Greek wisdom of “a healthy mind in a healthy body” has not lost any of its relevance.


The centuries-old knowledge of herbs combined with modern technology of “Medex Bio Science Cosmetics” leads to an exceptional result. The possibilities are so extensive that you can almost speak of an individually adapted treatment method.

Medex Bio Science Cosmetics has the technology and know-how to sterilise, conserve and activate, thereby releasing the potential power into active force.


Softly is een product uit de “Medex Bio Science Cosmetics” serie. As a shampoo, Softly belongs to the absolute top. But Softly is more than that! By using the compensating effects of various active components, including aromatic oils, the effects of less friendly components required for a quality shampoo are neutralised and even a skin-improving effect is achieved. And preservation is not done by the usual aggressive preservatives, but by special use of an active component. This is partly why Softly shampoo is so mild. Together with Medex Hand & Body Cream, Softly Shampoo is the answer to the notorious “hairdresser’s hands” among professionals. Softly is a deliciously mild shampoo for every day, for every hair type, for beautiful hair to spare.


Men’s skin is thicker, has more cornification, is more moisture-rich, has more connective tissue and produces more sebum. As a result, signs of ageing (such as wrinkles) appear later. But once they occur, they are stronger and more rigid, and it is harder to do anything about them. It is therefore even more important for the man to prevent this process from occurring at an early stage, but certainly to do something immediately at the first signs to stop or slow it down. The question is asked whether it is really necessary to care for the skin and prevent (unnatural) ageing processes from becoming visible: “Isn’t all this vanity? ……”. The answer is a resounding “Yes, it is necessary”.


Cosmetic mesotherapy is the most effective method of ensuring 100% penetration of the active ingredients into the skin by breaking through the upper barrier of your skin. The 5 powerful active ingredients of Acti-Lift stimulate your skin to regain its optimal condition. Optimal results are achieved with a course of up to 5 weekly treatments. After that, you only need one or two refresher treatments a year to keep your skin in optimal condition. The degree of result achieved depends on the method, the types of active ingredients and their concentration. 2M cosmetic mesotherapy provides: a firmer and younger skin, the disappearance of small wrinkles and folds and an optimal condition of the skin. The result is truly incredible. Many even think that the photos in the brochure are manipulated, but they are really the result of 5 treatments. After the cosmetic mesotherapy treatment, the use of fillers or Botox is often no longer necessary, at most for one or two very deep folds.