Tips for proper skin care in winter!

In the winter, your skin has to endure a lot due to heating and dry air inside and wind, winter sun and cold temperatures outside. This makes your skin very dry and especially in winter the skin needs more oils and fats.

At the same time, winter is also the period to undergo fruit acid peels, this can be done with high concentrations in the salon in a cure and at home you can already achieve a lot with the

“Alpha Hycid 10% Fruit Acid Gel” from Medex.

Anti-aging eye gel, for women and men

– very powerful concentrate –

  • Especially recommended for bags under the eyes, wrinkles & large pores.
  • Powerful weapon against the effects of minor damage and damage to the skin.
  • Enriched with peptides (2) .

Tip 1

Clean your skin daily with the "Hydrophilic Oil" from Medex, a wonderfully soft cleansing oil, which also cares for your skin during cleaning. “Hydrophilic Oil” is on a bio-active basis with natural oils, such as rice bran oil, which is rich in natural vitamin E and phytosterols that stimulate the microcirculation of the skin. Enjoy the wonderful aromatic scent and the softness of your skin.

Tip 2

After cleansing with “Hydrophilic Oil” you pep up the skin with “Aqua Rosa” from the Quintenstein series. With: Pro-Vitamin A (carotene) helps with the formation of new epithelial cells and restarts the blood circulation in the skin. Aqua Rosa is therefore ideal in combination with Masque Myrrha from Quintenstein.

Tip 3

Give your skin a good peeling twice a week with “Alpha Hycid 10% Fruit Acid Peel”, you can easily apply this in the evening after cleansing with “Hydrophilic Oil” and “Aqua Rosa” in a thin layer and leave it all night let it work. In the morning, your skin will look beautiful and feel wonderfully soft.

Tip 4

At night, use a few drops of the oil in serum “Highly Concentrated pro-Vitamin A” under your night cream and you get a beautiful, silky smooth skin by significantly improving the skin structure. Is made from a 100% natural, vegetable source of pro-Vitamin A. Is converted in your skin into Vitamin A (Retinol). Vitamin A is Anti-Aging. For all skin types, especially dry, delicate and flaky skin.

Tip 5

In winter you will suffer from dry spots and other red spots more quickly, then choose “Vital Recover K Cream” as a night cream. The combination of Arnica, Chamomile and vitamin A and vitamin E support a good blood circulation in the skin, so that the active ingredients can be better absorbed and ensures a good recovery of the skin.

Tip 6

What many people do not do and what should really not be missing in good skin care is take a face mask at least twice a week. In the winter, we advise you to use the "Vitalis + Mask" from the Medex Professional line, a wonderfully rich and nourishing mask for dry skin.

Tip 7

A real must for a beautiful glance is “Actiprotin”

Directions for use After cleansing the skin, apply Actiprotin twice a day to the affected skin area and/or under the eyes. Distribute evenly and then apply a day or night cream.

Actiprotin contains centella asiatica, a plant extract that improves the structure of the skin, quercus meristem extract, daucus carota sativa (a natural source of retinol!) and vitamin E. (2) Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 is an oligo-peptide and has two very important properties: It powerfully reduces bags under the eyes and significantly reduces dark circles under the eyes.
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Ingrid Bernsen

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